Why would you want to become a High Class Escort?

A question that sometimes concerns me personally: why would you want to become a High Class Escort? Surely that is not a job? Surely that is not a job? Or, even worse: isn't that just cheap whoring? When I hear that, I have to stop myself from going on the offensive. I don't understand why there is so little respect for this expert work and why there is so little understanding of the necessity of our work. 

What is a High Class Escort?

A High Class Escort is a lady or gentleman who offers an experience to the client. This is often accompanied by intimacy and sexual wishes or desires. Therein lies the difference, because High Class Escort is not just a label that we have invented because it sounds nice. The term High Class Escort is there to indicate the separation between quickly and easily going to bed with someone and the service we offer. This is a service, which often has very little to do with sex, but much more with an experience. What High Class Escorts do, is tell a story. To create an experience. The art of seduction, the essence of being a woman, getting the best out of yourself, letting someone else lose themselves in your world, these are qualities that High Class Escorts bring with them. 

What a High Class Escort does

The mistake that is often made is to assume that escort work is not an art. That you come somewhere and then have sex and then go again. That is not what a High Class Escort does. A High Class Escort paints a story, in which clients can get completely absorbed. For example with the Girlfriend experience, where the storyline revolves around connection and companionship. Or in BDSM, where one party is dominant and the other subversive. What a High Class Escort does is to make the client's wishes come true. She is the embodiment of the perfect woman (or man), if only for an evening. That is why High Class Escorts are paid so well, they always have to put themselves in someone else's shoes.

Why would you want to become a High Class Escort?

If you know all this, it is not so difficult to imagine why someone would want to become a High Class Escort. You bring clients the highest attainable: perfection for a few hours. Maybe it feels like there is a lot of pressure on that and you have to do everything for the client. That is not the case. We ask our ladies to be authentic and sincere. Of course you tell a story, but always one that is close to your heart and one that you also want to be part of. Our team is therefore filled with many different personalities, to find the right match for every wish. Especially for people who get happy from taking care of someone else and who like to create a dream world, High Class Escort is the perfect job! 

The perks for High Class Escorts

On top of that come the extras you get, such as luxury dining, a day on a yacht or staying in posh hotels. All in addition to your earnings, which can quickly mount up with a successful date. In that light, I think the question I often hear is not so appropriate at all, but I rather ask back: why wouldn't you want to become a High Class Escort?

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