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Who is Exquisite International?

Exquisite International

Exquisite International is a high-class escortservice founded for women by women. Noelle, the owner of Exquisite International, was inspired by her own past experiences as a High Class Escort therefore, extra motivated to ensure that you, our escorts, and gigolos have the best possible experience. "My experience in this industry makes a difference in business management," says Noelle. Why do we add value for you? All our escorts and gigolos they are each intriguing, intelligent, sensual, good-looking, easy-going, and above all, well-guided on their journey towards becoming a high-class escort lady or gentleman. Through our expertise and knowledge, we excel in creating the perfect match between you and your escort or gigolo, and we are not inclined to offer you a mediocre experience. 'Never settle for anything less than Exquisite.'"

The ultimate experience

The value and the team of Exquisite.

Our team consists of many women because, in our view, women tend to look beyond mere appearances. Noelle, the founder of Exquisite International, Alyssa, in charge of Marketing & Communication, along with various SEO specialists, accounting professionals, photographers, legal experts, security personnel, and various other fields of expertise make up our diverse team. We strive for the ultimate experience, with our goal being the continuous improvement of our service. It is important to emphasize that discretion is a priority for us, and we are dedicated to safeguarding the privacy of both our clients and our escorts and gigolos.


Been there, seen that, done that

Due to the years of experience of owner Noelle, we are well-versed in the intricacies of matchmaking and the selection of exceptional escorts and gigolos. Having witnessed and participated in these processes, we are able to equip our escorts with knowledge, guide them, and let them benefit from our expertise. We understand our clientele, strive for long-term relationships, and provide our escorts with a safe home base within a supportive team. Like no other, we are familiar with the nuances of the trade, allowing us to offer you and our ladies and gentlemen the very best that this industry has to offer. After all, who wouldn't want a magical, intimate, and unforgettable experience?

Reliability and professionalism

Exquisite is not a word it's a value

A high-class escort offers more than just a few unforgettable hours between the sheets; they add value to you and your desires. An experience with one of our escorts or gigolos will not only surpass your physical cravings but also cater to your mental desires. All our escorts are here to provide you with a fantastic time, with the understanding that both parties will share a mutually enjoyable intimate experience. We offer an environment where you can be open about your desires, while also ensuring clear boundaries and conditions. The safety and integrity of our escorts and gigolos are our top priorities. With this warm and open approach, we hope to provide you with the ultimate experience and look forward to seeing you as a loyal client.
Your feedback is always welcome, and we are always open to improvement. See you soon...
Kind regards, Noelle Groeneveld: Founder, Exquisite International.