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Who is Exquisite International? And what do we do for you...

Exquisite International is a High Class escort service founded for women by women. Noelle, owner of Exquisite International is by her own experience in the past as a High Class Escort therefore extra motivated to make you, our escorts and gigolos feel as comfortable as possible. " "My experience in this industry makes all the difference in business operations" said Noelle. Why we add value for you. All our escorts and gigolos are all intriguing, intelligent, sensual, good looking, easy going and most importantly well guided in their journey towards becoming High Class Escort lady or gentleman. We are also very good at making the perfect match between you and your escort or gigolo due to our skill and knowledge and it is not our place to offer you a mediocre experience. "Never settle for anything less than Exquisite" 

The value and team of Exquisite

Our team consists of a lot of female beauty because, in our opinion, women look beyond appearance. Noelle, founder of Exquisite International, Alyssa, Marketing & Communications, and various SEO specialists, accounting, photography, legal, security and various other areas. We strive for the ultimate experience and our goal is to continuously improve our service. We want to emphasize that everything with us is done with discretion and that we are committed to protect the privacy of our escorts and gigolos. 


An experience with a High Class Escort tailored to your needs and based on the best match we make with you! Moreover in everything discreet, professional and in confidence.


Years of experience in the industry ensures perfect effect in the business. Our High Class Escorts are continuously trained in various fields. From Etiquette to giving Erotic massages and everything this industry embraces. 


A diverse range of High Class Escorts & Gigolos provides a wide choice for you. All with their own specialties, looks and character. 

practice makes perfect

Been there, seen that, done that

Because of owner Noelle's years of experience, we know all the ins and outs when it comes to matchmaking and hiring outstanding Escorts and Gigolos. Because we have seen and done this we can provide our Escorts with knowledge, guidance and let them float on our experience. We know our clientele, strive for long term relationships and offer our Escorts a safe home base in a warm team. We know all the ins and outs of the trade and are therefore able to offer you and our ladies and gentlemen the best this industry has to offer. Because a magical intimate and unforgettable experience, who doesn't want that? 

Exquisite is not a word but a value

A High Class Escort is and offers more than a few unforgettable hours between the sheets, they add value to you and your desires. An experience with one of our Escorts or Gigolos will not only exceed your physical desires but also your mental desires. All of our Escorts are here to provide you with a fantastic time with this being paramount that you both have a mutually enjoyable intimate experience. We provide an environment where you can be open about your desires but also an environment that is defined with clear boundaries and conditions. The safety and integrity of our Escorts and Gigolos is our top priority. With this warm and open approach, we hope to be able to offer you the most ultimate and see you again as a regular client. 

Your feedback is always welcome and we are always open to improvement. See you soon... 

Warm Greetings, Noelle Groeneveld.

Founder Exquisite International. 


What they say & why they say it.



A lovely experience with Rose, a very nice, handsome, intelligent woman. She is also very sociable, sweet and pleasant to deal with. Rose is highly recommended!

Client Utrecht

Business Owner 

The communication with the owner is outstanding. She matches the right ladies to my side time and time again. What a fantastic escort agency!

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Visiting address: 

       Queens Tower Delfslandlaan 1

       1062 EA Amsterdam

Email: info@exquisite-international.com