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Nothing is taboo but everything is secret. From an exciting blind date to a threesome, traveling together, a date for your business dinner and everything in between, our High Class Escorts have the sole purpose of pampering their man. With their charm, intelligence, stunning looks and their open-minded attitude, one thing is certain: excitement, discretion, sensual pleasure and an encounter to remember...

The value of an exquisite escort

A woman of the world, well-read, articulate, charismatic and focused on your needs. Our High Class Escorts are women who enjoy hearing and fulfilling your deepest desires. They are caring, mysterious, sensual and sincere. Every escort has her own strength, interests and preferences. This allows us to offer you everything you dream of. A special request? Whisper it to us. Nothing human is alien to us...

Your desire

Our strength lies in selecting the right High Class Escort for your needs.

Your conditions

Do you want to have dinner with her? Or rather meet in a hotel or travel with her? We arrange everything for you. 

Your enjoyment

Exquisite escorts are focused on your desires and will do everything to satisfy you completely.

Never settle for anything less than exquisite

Exquisite International was established to act as a bridge between clients and escorts. We believe that all parties should be treated with discretion, openness and respect. Because we believe that using an escort should be normal and that seeking intimacy and excitement is human, our motto is: nothing is too crazy. 

By talking together transparently about fantasies, desires and requests, we create a trusted and safe atmosphere for our clients and escorts, maximising pleasure and exceeding expectations.

exquisite is more than a word, it's a value

In order to excel, honesty, reliability and professionalism are our top priorities. We approach these values from a human perspective. We treat our Exquisite Escorts and our clients with integrity and as anonymously as possible.

We work discreetly and always treat information and personal data with the utmost confidentiality.


What Clients and escorts say about Exquisite international

Jean-Pierre K.


My date with Victoria exceeded all my expectations. During dinner I experienced her as sincere, open and very easy to talk to. She was fully aware of my wishes and let me take the lead. The intimacy I felt with her I have never experienced before!


Exquisite Escort

The warm bond I feel with the girls of Exquisite international makes me feel completely at home here. It makes me feel safe to experiment and try new things with my clients. I find that exciting, every date feels like the first date.