Customers Etiquette Exquisite International B.V.


When Exquisite International and her clients come to a booking with one of our Exquisite High Class Escorts, we want to ask you to read the client etiquette of Exquisite International B.V. carefully. You may apply this etiquette naturally, but for those of you who are inexperienced or new to the wonderful world of High Class Escorts, we would like to take the time to provide you with information on how we would like you to deal with our Escorts. The relationship between you and the High Class Escort is based on discretion and trust, which are also the core values of our company. Our Exquisite High Class Escorts would appreciate it if you would observe the following points, so that both you and our escorts can indulge in an unforgettable, sensual date.

We ask you to observe the following points;

Preparation & Hygiene

You only make a first impression once!
Hygiene is not a word but a habit for Exquisite International. At Exquisite International we take care of every detail, for you as well as the escort. You can think of a very elegant, well-groomed, clean-shaven escort for whom hygiene is paramount. We and our escorts make sure during every date that they look Exquisite. Should you have any wishes with regard to clothing, lingerie or other requests, please let us know prior to the date.
Our escorts appreciate it very much if you take the trouble to take care of your personal hygiene as well, so that you can present yourself to the escort in the same way, showered, chic, gallant and clean.
At all times, it is required of you as a client that the area where you receive the escort (think of a minimum 4* hotel or home location) is clean, tidy, safe and above all hygienic. We will verify with every booking where the date will take place.


In order to prevent uncomfortable situations when it comes to money matters, we ask you to pay our escort on your own accord and prior to the date (by means of pin/credit card or cash).
In case you choose to pay in cash, you need to ensure that

within the first 10 minutes of the booking, the amount due is handed over - in an opened envelope - to the escort.
We will instruct the escort that the amount handed over will be counted discreetly.

Of course, there are several payment options, namely:

  • Credit card payment: we apply a surcharge of 10%. Payments by this option should be made within the first 10 minutes of
    the date by means of a mobile pin device.
  • Payment by PIN: we do not apply a surcharge for this option.
    Payments by means of
    this option should take place within the first 10 minutes of the date by means of a mobile pin device.
  • Transfer prior to the date.
  • Payment request prior to date.


As previously stated, our escorts are very discreet with your privacy, we expect you to mutually respect that.
We do not appreciate it if, during the date, you give your personal information and/or business card to our escort (with the possible purpose of making a booking outside of Exquisite International).

We also assume that -when you appear in public with our escort- you will respect her privacy. If the escort agrees to intimate contact (for example walking hand in hand in a public place), this is of course allowed. If the escort does not wish this, you must respect her wishes. We and the escort will do everything possible to make sure that the double life she leads will not be revealed.

Your wish to take an escort to a house, hotel, party or restaurant is of course permitted.
At such parties, where sexual acts are performed, the escort will have intimate contact with you and only you. If the escort agrees to be touched and/or watched by third parties, Exquisite International will charge a surcharge.

Safe Sex

We as Exquisite International take care of our escorts.
Also, our escorts are logically very fond of their own physical health and they do everything possible to stay healthy and fit. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that they never put their physical health at risk and that sexual acts are only performed with a condom. The escort and we as a company work exclusively according to the safe sex policy. This means that they only perform services with a condom. This concerns anal, vaginal and oral sex. Any form of unsafe sex must be refused by the escort in accordance with our policy. It is strictly forbidden to offer the escort extra earnings for unsafe sexual acts. If it comes to our attention that you are violating this rule, we will no longer be of service to you and you will be blacklisted with us immediately.

(Additional) Services

If you want extra services that the escort doesn't accept or doesn't want to perform, it will be emphatically not done!
For us it is important that you do not push the escort and do not force her to do extra services. No is really no!

Boundaries are there to be indicated and will be respected at all times by you. This of course also applies mutually by us and the escort to you.
When the escort agrees to an extra service, this has to be paid for before the service is provided. Unless otherwise agreed upon during the booking.

Correct and incorrect information.

It is important that you provide us with the correct details to be able to make a booking.
Mutual trust is the basis of a booking and we as Exquisite International guarantee the safety of our escort. Therefore, we need to know to whom and where we are taking the escort. To ensure safety, accurate information is important.

In the privacy statement, which can be found on our website, you can read that we treat this information with discretion.

The end of the booking

It is important to us that the date is to your liking, as well as to the escort's. In the last 15 minutes of the booking, we will contact the escort to inform her that the booking is about to end.

You will be given the opportunity to extend the booking. Of course, when an extension takes place, payment must be made in advance by means of the payment method of your choice. It is important to us that the escort leaves with you just as sophisticated, cared for and fresh as she arrived. Please give the escort the opportunity to freshen up during the last 15 minutes, this will be highly appreciated!

Presents, gifts & tips

Our escorts like to be spoiled, you can do this in many ways. The greatest gift you can give the escort is mutual respect, dedication to the date, your courtesy and when she has an unforgettable experience just like you.

Any extra effort you make is already a gift for our escort.
When you make an extra effort and this is coupled with a gift, small or large, it is already a gift for our escort.

If you give the escort a large gift, she will feel special and you will make her feel that you have been looking forward to the date as much as she has.
Think of her favourite perfume, a souvenir, or a beautiful bunch of roses. Would you like to know what the specific escort's favourite gifts are? Then ask us about it while making the booking. This way we can make a beautiful gesture to the escort.

All tips, gifts or presents are for the escort only and will not be deducted from the Exquisite International. Also, any tips given by you at the end of the date will not be deducted from additional hours. We assume that you will not suggest this and that tipping is done on the basis of an excellent date.

Never settle for anything less than Exquisite

At Exquisite International, our slogan is "Never settle for anything less than Exquisite".
This is certainly applicable to a date with one of our beautiful High Class escorts. A warm welcome is a good start. Every woman is charmed by a gallant man or woman.

Take her coat and offer her something to drink. Preferably her favourite drink, which you can order in consultation with the lady or have ready before the date.
Take the time to get to know each other. Our escorts are genuinely interested in you and would like to get to know you first. They all have knowledge of people and like to have nice and good conversations with you. The connection you build during the introduction you will feel when there is intimate contact.

If you have not booked a Dinner Date, it may be that after a few hours the escort gets hungry. Make sure you ask her if she wants to eat or drink something. In case of an overnight stay, our escorts can appreciate a healthy breakfast!

No-go's during a booking with a high-class escort girl

A client who immediately wants to move on to the intimate part is not appreciated. At Exquisite International we offer a sensual intimate but above all an Exquisite experience of which eroticism is a part. We would like to point out that this is not the only part. By switching almost immediately to the intimate part of the date, you do not only shortchange our high-class escort, but also yourself. Your booking will be limited to the erotic aspect and you will miss the rest of the experience. You will also give our high-class escort the feeling that you are not interested in her as a person. Take your time

to get to know each other better and fulfil each other's wishes.
Our ladies are generally very pleased with the general hygiene of our clients. A Dinner Date is great. It is recommended to brush your teeth after a Dinner Date. Too often we hear from our ladies that they did not enjoy kissing because the client did not have fresh breath.
As mentioned above, it is compulsory to shave or trim your pubic area. Our ladies always come to you freshly shaved. They expect this also the other way around.
When following our High Class Escort Etiquette, there is nothing missing to have an unforgettable date with one of our Exquisite escorts.