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House rules

Customer Etiquette Exquisite International B.V.


When Exquisite International and its clients come to a booking with one of our Exquisite High Class Escorts, we would like to kindly ask you to carefully read the client etiquette of Exquisite International B.V. in advance. Perhaps you naturally adhere to this etiquette, but for those who have no experience with it or are new to the wonderful world of High Class Escort, we would be happy to take the time to provide you with information on how we wish you to interact with our Escorts. The relationship between you and the High Class Escort is based on discretion and trust, which are also the core values of our company. Our Exquisite High Class Escorts greatly appreciate it when you observe the points below, allowing both you and our escorts to indulge in an unforgettable, sensually stimulating date.

Wij vragen u de volgende punten in acht te nemen te weten;

Preparation & Hygiene

You only get one chance to make a first impression!
Hygiene is not just a word but a habit for Exquisite International. At Exquisite International, we ensure a meticulously arranged encounter for both yourself and the escort. This includes a highly elegant, well-groomed, and impeccably shaved escort for whom hygiene is paramount. We and our escorts ensure that they appear Exquisite during every date. If you have preferences regarding clothing, lingerie, or any other requests, you can communicate them to us before the date.
Our escorts highly appreciate it when you take the effort to prioritize your personal hygiene, ensuring that you can present yourself to the escort in an equally showered, elegant, gallant, and clean manner.
At all times, as a client, you are required to ensure that the space where you receive the escort (this includes a minimum 4-star hotel or home location) is clean, tidy, safe, and above all, hygienic. We will, of course, verify the location of the date with each booking.


To prevent uncomfortable situations concerning financial matters, we kindly request you to proactively settle payment with our escort before the scheduled date, using either a debit/credit card or cash.
If you choose to settle in cash, please ensure that the

due amount is handed over to the escort within the first 10 minutes of the booking, in an open envelope.
We will instruct the escort to discreetly count the handed-over amount. Of course, there are multiple payment options, namely:

Uiteraard zijn er meerdere betaalmogelijkheden, te weten:

  • Credit card payment: Please note that we apply a 10% surcharge for this option. Payments using this method must be made within the first 10 minutes of
    the date using a mobile card reader.
  • Payment by card: we do not charge any surcharge for this. Payments using
    this option must be made within the first 10 minutes of the date
    using a mobile card reader.
  • Transfer prior to the date.
  • Payment request prior to the date.


As mentioned earlier, our escorts handle your privacy with the utmost discretion, and we anticipate that you reciprocate that mutual respect.
We do not appreciate it if you hand over your personal information and/or business card to our escort during the date (with the possible intention of arranging a booking outside of Exquisite International).

We also assume that when you appear in public with our escort, you respect her privacy. If the escort agrees to intimate contact (for example, holding hands in a public space), that is, of course, allowed. If the escort does not wish for this, you should respect that wish. Both we and the escort make every effort to ensure that the double life she leads does not become known.

The desire for you to bring an escort to a home, hotel, party, or restaurant is, of course, allowed
At such parties where sexual activities take place, the escort will engage in intimate contact exclusively with you and only you. If the escort agrees to be touched and/or viewed by third parties, Exquisite International will charge an additional fee.

Safe Seks

We, at Exquisite International, take care of our escorts.
Also, our escorts naturally value their own physical health, and they make every effort to stay healthy and fit. We want to emphasize that they never compromise their physical health, and that sexual activities only take place with a condom. The escort and we as a company strictly adhere to the safe sex policy. This means that they only provide services with a condom, including anal, vaginal, and oral sex. Any form of unsafe sex must be refused by the escort in accordance with our policy. It is strictly prohibited to offer the escort additional earnings for unsafe sexual activities. If it comes to our attention that you are violating this rule, we will no longer provide our services to you, and you will immediately be placed on our blacklist


If you desire additional services that the escort does not accept or is unwilling to perform, this is emphatically not allowed!
For us, it is important that you do not pressure or force the escort into additional services or duties. No means no!

Boundaries are meant to be communicated and will always be respected by you. This, of course, applies mutually between us and the escort towards you.
When the escort agrees to an additional service requested by you, payment for this should be settled before the service is provided, unless otherwise agreed upon during the booking.

Correct and incorrect information.

It is important that you provide us with the correct information in order for us to arrange a booking.
Mutual trust is the foundation of a booking, and we at Exquisite International guarantee the safety of our escorts. Therefore, we need to know to whom and where we are sending the escort. Accurate information is essential to ensure security.

In the privacy statement, which can be found on our website, you can read that we handle this information discreetly.

The end of the booking

We consider it important that the date has proceeded according to your preferences as well as those of the escort. In the last 15 minutes of the booking, we will get in touch with the escort to remind her that the booking is almost concluding.

You are hereby given the opportunity to extend the booking. Naturally, if an extension occurs, payment must be made in advance using your preferred payment method. It is important to us that the escort leaves your location just as sophisticated, well-groomed, and fresh as when she arrived. Please allow the escort the opportunity to freshen up in the last 15 minutes; this is highly appreciated!

Presents, gifts & tips.

Our escorts appreciate being pampered, and there are various ways you can do this. The greatest gift you can give the escort is mutual respect, dedication to the date, your courtesy, and ensuring that she, like you, has an unforgettable experience.

Every extra effort you make is already a gift for our escort.
When you make an extra effort, especially accompanied by a gift, small or

large, the escort will feel special, and you will make her feel that you have been looking forward to the date as much as she has.
Think of her favorite perfume, a souvenir, or a beautiful bouquet of roses. If you'd like to know what the specific escort's favorite gifts are, feel free to ask us during the booking process. This way, we can coordinate and make a lovely gesture to the escort.

All tips, gifts, or presents are solely for the escort and will not be reconciled with Exquisite International. Additionally, the tips given by you at the end of the date will not be offset against extra hours. We assume that you will not propose this, and that tipping is based on an excellent date.

Never settle for anything less than Exquisite

At Exquisite International, our slogan 'Never settle for anything less than Exquisite' is not without reason.
This certainly applies to a date with one of our beautiful High-Class escort ladies as well. A warm welcome is a good start. Every woman is charmed by a gallant man or woman.

Take her coat and offer her something to drink, preferably her favorite beverage. You can, of course, discuss and order this in consultation with the lady or have it ready before the date
Take the time to get to know each other. Our escorts are genuinely interested and would like to get to know you first. Each of them possesses a keen understanding of people and enjoys engaging in meaningful and enjoyable conversations with you. The connection you build during the introduction will be felt when there is intimate contact.

When you haven't booked a Dinner Date, it's possible that the escort may get hungry after a few hours. Therefore, make sure to occasionally ask if she would like something to eat or drink. During an overnight stay, our escorts truly appreciate a healthy breakfast!

No-goes during a booking with a high-class escort lady.

A client who immediately wants to proceed to the intimate part upon arrival is not appreciated. At Exquisite International, we offer a stimulating intimate experience, but above all, an Exquisite experience where eroticism is a part of it. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that this is not the only component. By quickly moving on to the intimate part of the date, you not only shortchange our high-class escort but also yourself. Your booking will be limited to the erotic aspect, and you will miss out on the complete experience. Additionally, you may give our high-class escort the impression that you do not find her as a person interesting. Take the time

to get to know each other better and fulfill each other's desires.
Our ladies are generally always very pleased with the overall hygiene of our clients. A Dinner Date is great. It is advisable, however, to brush your teeth after a Dinner Date. We still hear too often from our ladies that they did not find kissing pleasant because the client had bad breath.
As mentioned above, it is mandatory to shave or trim your intimate area. Our ladies always come to you freshly shaved. They also expect the same in return.
Bij het volgen van onze High Class Escort Etiquette ontbreekt het nergens meer aan om een onvergetelijke date te beleven met een van onze Exquisite escorts.

The ultimate experience

The value and the team of Exquisite.

Our team consists of many women because, in our view, women tend to look beyond mere appearances. We aim for the ultimate experience, and our goal is the continuous improvement of our service. We want to emphasize that discretion is paramount to us, and we are dedicated to safeguarding the privacy of both you and our escorts and gigolos.

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