"It is not the clothes, it is the class" Exquisite International.

As a high class escort with the Exquisite International team, you take precedence.

Work as an high class escort

"Spannend en uitdagend werk met een erotisch randje Solliciteer als high class escort"

An Exquisite Escort is a remarkable woman. She is alluring, intriguing, mysterious, and resilient. Her allure is authentic and she has a strong foundation in her life. You are that woman! Even if initially you are unsure whether this profession is right for you. Because every woman is sensual and exciting when she has a safe, supportive work environment and is part of a team. You find that and more at Exquisite International.

You are one-of-a-kind.

What makes you Exquisite?

Confident, nurturing, loving. – indulging others is not an act for you. Naturally warm and service-oriented, you radiate joy when fulfilling desires and making people feel special. A high-class escort is empathetic, professional, and above all, a epitome of femininity. Exquisite high class escorts approach their work with passion and satisfaction. They appreciate luxury and style, reflected in both their behavior and appearance. As a high class escort, your foremost priority is to want to provide an experience for your client that surpasses every expectation.

Are you Exquisite? Then you meet the criteria below:

- You are confident about your body and mentally resilient
- You are studying in higher education ( or a way of life )or have completed a degree and have a good job
- You have a classic style and always take care of yourself down to the smallest details
- Your body is beautifully proportioned, treat it with respect, and you keep it healthy with good nutrition and exercise.
- You have a broad range of interests and can engage in meaningful conversations on various topics
- In social settings you are extraverted, empathetic, and focused on the needs of others
- You are accustomed to socializing with people in high society and are familiar with the proper etiquette
- You are enticing, sensual, and revel in eroticism

Adding value

How is it to work as a
high class Exquisite escort?

As a high-class escort, you serve our clients in a unique way. The service you provide is yourself. Your presence and companionship fulfill a need. The manner in which you do this is with class and allure, showing a man what it means to be with a dream woman. You are the woman, and the dream belongs to him. Your understanding of people tells you exactly what he needs, and your excellent seduction skills give him an experience he will never forget.

Our core values

Exquisite is not just a word for us but a value. We, and you as a high-class escort, embody refinement, excellence, and sophistication.
To excel, honesty, reliability, and professionalism take precedence in our approach. We embrace these values from a human perspective, handling our interactions with you as Exquisite escorts and our clients with integrity and the utmost discretion. Exquisite International provides a warm home base from which you can work safely and securely. You are welcome to be yourself, under the motto 'nothing is strange or unusual.' In this organization, you can rely on our knowledge and expertise, and we support your continuous personal growth. It is important to us that, as a high-class escort, you feel connected to our company and our core values, and convey the same vision to our clients, partners, and each other. You are our ambassador, and therefore, you take precedence with us.