"It is not the clothes, it is the class" Exquisite International.

As a High Class Escort with the team of Exquisite International, you are number one.

Working as a high class escort

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An Exquisite Escort is a special woman. She is seductive, interesting, mysterious and strong. Her appearance is authentic and she has a solid foundation in her life. 

You are that woman, even if at first you don't know if you could do this job. Because every woman is sensual and exciting when she has a safe, familiar working environment and is part of a team. You'll find that and more at Exquisite International.

Being seductive and yet guarding your limits and authenticity. That is exquisite.

What makes you exquisite? 

You are one-of-a-kind. Sure of yourself, caring, loving and warm. Pampering another person is not an act for you. You are warm-hearted and service-oriented by nature. You shine when you can fulfil your wishes and make people feel special. A High Class Escort is empathic, professional and above all a paragon of femininity.

Exquisite Escorts do their work out of passion and satisfaction. They love luxury and style and this is reflected in their behaviour and appearance. As a High Class Escort, your first priority is to provide your client with an experience that exceeds all expectations.

Are you Exquisite? Then you meet the following points:

  • You are self-confident about your body and mentally resilient
  • You are studying in higher education or have a completed education and a good job
  • You have a classic style and always take care of yourself down to the smallest detail
  • Your body is nicely proportioned and you keep it healthy with good nutrition and exercise
  • You have a wide range of interests and can converse well on various subjects
  • In company, you are extroverted, empathic and focused on the needs of the other person
  • You are used to dealing with people in high society and know the right etiquette
  • You are seductive, sensual and enjoy eroticism

At exquisite international you are more than an escort. You are the total package.

What makes us exquisite?

Exquisite training

Before you start with us, we help you on your way. You are Exquisite and we facilitate everything you need for that. In addition, we are there for you if you have personal learning needs.

exquisite team

You will be part of our warm, close-knit team, where we share experiences and knowledge. To keep everyone connected, we have regular team meetings (with champagne and sushi)! 

exquisite clients

Before you get a booking, we have already got to know your client and he has been screened. So you never just go and see a 'stranger'. Safety comes first.

What is it like to work as a
High Class Exquisite Escort?

Add value

As a High Class Escort, you serve our clients in a unique way. The service you provide is you. Your presence, your company fulfils a need. The way you do that is with class and allure, showing a man what it means to be with a dream woman. The woman is you, the dream is his. Your knowledge of people tells you exactly what he needs, and your excellent art of seduction gives him an experience he will never forget.


At Exquisite International, we assume a partnership, where we are on equal footing. This applies to you as a High Class Escort, to the clients who make a booking and to us. We believe in equality and individuality and will do everything in our power to ensure this.

In this partnership, we also offer you a listening ear and the opportunity to develop and grow in the - sometimes quite exciting - profession. Nothing is taboo, nothing is a bridge too far. With us, you can explore every boundary, search for it and push it. We will always guide you step by step with care and attention. We are here for you.

Method and availability

Because Exquisite Escorts work from passion, we do not require a minimum availability in hours or days. This work fits effortlessly into your busy schedule, because you are at the helm and do it when you want to. In the second interview we tell you exactly what our working method is and what we expect from you.

Who we are

Exquisite international was created for you. Because we know the work ourselves, we know what is important and what you need. We understand that this work is special and that you are just as special, so we support you wherever we can. You are important to our team and we want you to feel that.

You work for an enthusiastic escort agency run by strong women. Together, we make the difference in this industry. Because for us High Class equals Exquisite, we attach great value to quality and professionalism. Especially because of the many abuses in our field, we want to be an agency where you can work safely and securely in a personal and transparent environment.

"This is work full of passion and devotion, it sometimes exceeds my wildest dreams..."

Our core values

Exquisite is for us not a word but a value. We and you as a High Class Escort are refined, exquisite and excellent.

In order to excel, honesty, reliability and professionalism are paramount to us. We approach these values from a human perspective. We treat you as Exquisite Escorts and our clients with integrity and as discreetly as possible.

Exquisite International offers a warm home base from which you can do your job safely and securely. You are welcome to be who you are, even under the guise of 'nothing is crazy or weird'. In this organisation, you can rely on our knowledge and skills and we will support you to continuously grow as a person. It is important to us that you, as a High Class Escort, feel connected to our company and our core values and share the same vision with our clients, partners and each other.

You are our calling card, which is why you are our first priority. 

How does the application process work? Applying as a High Class Escort


Please fill in the application form below. We find a good motivation important and ask you to take nice pictures. Take your time and make sure you have good light, without filters. We would like to see your full face in close up and your whole body from head to toe. You don't have to be naked or in lingerie, but we would like to see you in a bikini and in a nice outfit that makes you feel good.

The first contact

Upon receipt of your application, the selection procedure will begin. If we would like to speak with you, we will contact you within two weeks. Our first interview is a video call. This is how we get to know you and you can get a feel for who we are. This is an informal introduction.

Your job interview

When we click with each other, we meet at our office in Amsterdam or another place where you feel comfortable, such as a hotel. In this meeting, we will go deeper into your motivations, explain who we are and what we expect from you when you come to work with us. After this, we both take some time to think. If there is a match, we agree on the further course of action.

What is important

  • You are in possession of a valid BSN
  • You are not under any compulsion or pressure to do so
  • You have a driving licence B or a public transport card
  • You are fluent in Dutch and English, other languages are preferred.
  • You are punctual and keep appointments
  • You are in good mental and physical condition and free from disease

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  • HBO/Bachelor
  • MBO
  • Secondary school only
Do you have a driving licence?
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  • No, but I can borrow a car
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Visiting address: 

       Queens Tower Delfslandlaan 1

       1062 EA Amsterdam

Email: info@exquisite-international.com