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Who is Tom? What other people say about me is that I am: sultry sexy intelligent and handsome. I really connect and I do that with my heart and with my body. You are on our date and during our meeting the most important. A good conversation, being seen and discovering what you want? I am here for you! Shall we discover together what drives you and where your desires lie? I can't wait to meet you. 

-x Tom

Tom's gallery, Tom is sultry, sexy, intelligent and handsome!

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Tom is an Authentic, warm, caring and humorous personality. He is a handsome, stylish young man who will always treat you with respect. Who has an eye for detail and lets you be who you are. Nothing is strange to him and everything takes place in trust and safety. Tom is always full of joy and with a positive view of the world. With Tom you can talk about anything. His character is the result of a personal journey of discovery that he started several years ago. Tom has really something to offer a woman and enjoys giving her more insight into her intimacy and making her feel good about herself. Being sensual and intimate with each other is what he loves most. Looking for the beautiful click, and the perfect boyfriend experience? What are you waiting for.... Sultry sexy intelligent & handsome. Perfect combination!

Character traits

Authentic, caring, relaxed.


Education: HBO

Profession: Entrepreneur

Smoker: No

Languages: Dutch, English.


  • Coaching
  • Tantra
  • Watches
  • Travel


Drinks: Liqueur 43 with ice, Wine, Port

Fragrance: La muit de l'homme Yves Saint Laurent

Cuisine: Italian

Sexual orientation: Heterosexual.

Clothing style: Business casual, casual , sporty

Wish list

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  • Watch 
  • Neat Shoes
  • New Underwear 😉 😉

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