Transport and services

We take all possible worries out of your hands

You do not have to do anything

 Except to enjoy a wonderful evening with a lady of your choice. Make your wishes known to us and we will arrange everything for you. Would you like to have your escort picked up in a limousine? Shopping or dining together in a luxury car? A driver to take you back to the hotel? We can discreetly arrange everything for you!

We can also arrange a gift for your lady, have a bottle of champagne ready, a full hot bath or purchase toys and attributes for you.

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What can we do for you?

Everything. In our name. We arrange your lady's transportation, can arrange your own transportation, or arrange the trip for you. We work with a network of private drivers, butlers, chefs, restaurants and hotels in all major cities to ensure discretion and anonymity. 


Visiting address: 

       Queens Tower Delfslandlaan 1

       1062 EA Amsterdam