Privacy Statement Exquisite International B.V.

We would like to welcome you to our High Class Escort Bureau Exquisite International B.V.

Exquisite aims to be a company offering high class escort services that provide highly exclusive and titillating encounters with sophisticated high class escort girls.

In order to provide you with an Exquisite experience / booking, we will ask you for some personal information.
We understand that privacy is important to you and will endeavour at all times to treat you and your personal information discreetly and with confidence.

When does Exquisite International B.V. apply the privacy policy?

If you wish to use the services of Exquisite International B.V. you must contact us by email, mobile or landline phone, via WhatsApp or our booking form found on our site. Any information arising from any of these contact options is subject to Exquisite International B.V.'s privacy policy.

What information does Exquisite International B.V. collect?

If you make contact with us, you provide us with information during this contact moment. We also make use of public sources and verify the information provided by you with our high-class escort girls through an evaluation interview. Of course, it is not allowed to provide us with incorrect information. If you do provide us with incorrect or incomplete information, we reserve the right to cancel a booking or not to agree with you. If your booking request is accepted by us and we actually agree a booking with you, we collect the following information

  • your name,

  • Your contact details (e-mail and telephone number),

  • your age and your personal preferences and/or wishes. If possible, we will also collect some additional information about you as a person. If your booking request cannot be honoured by us as Exquisite International B.V. and thus does not result in an actual booking, we will only keep your e-mail address and other correspondence.

For what purposes do we collect and process personal data?

We collect and process (personal) data for the following reasons:

  • To make a perfect and fitting match for you with one or more of our Exquisite high-class escort girls;

  • To protect the personal safety, privacy and health of our high-class escort girls;

  • To put together a booking for you in the perfect way and tailored to your needs;

  • To optimise any future bookings;

  • We are legally obliged to collect certain information.

  • All personal information collected and processed by us will not be processed or collected for any purpose other than the best care and performance of our services. We will never initiate contact with you unless there is a compelling reason for doing so or otherwise discussed with you.

    How long will Exquisite International B.V. retain your data?

    We will retain your personal information for as long as we need it for the purposes described in the above statement. Dutch law requires us to keep such information for at least 7 years. Nevertheless, your data will be made anonymous after 3 years. If in the past there has been any unwanted conduct directed at us as Exquisite International B.V., or directed at one or more of our high-class escort girls, we may also keep your information for a longer period than is legally required. We do this to protect Exquisite International B.V.

    Sharing of personal data

    Your personal information will not be disclosed or shared within Exquisite International B.V., unless this is strictly necessary to respond to your booking request or if the safety of one or more of our high-class escort girls is at stake.

    How does Exquisite International B.V. protect your personal data?

    As far as can be asked of us, we will as Exquisite

Exquisite International B.V. makes every reasonable effort to safeguard your personal data and related information. Discretion and privacy are core values of Exquisite International B.V. and we base our privacy policy on these core values. Just like many other websites, we make use of so-called cookies. This is necessary for an optimal experience of our Exquisite website. Unfortunately, it is not possible to offer a 100% guarantee for data transfer or storage via the Internet.

The rights regarding the Privacy Statement of Exquisite International B.V.

Under applicable Dutch privacy laws, you are entitled at all times to inspect your personal data and related information held by us as a Client. If you believe that the information Exquisite International B.V. has in its possession is incorrect, you may send a message via our contact form on our website to have your information amended. If you believe that there are no legitimate reasons for us to hold or process your personal data, you may request that all or part of your personal data be deleted.

Changes to our Privacy Statement

Since we are a brand new company and are continuously improving thanks to you, our privacy statement may change. We will do everything we can to apply your feedback. Of course we are continuously studying changing legislations and will adjust it when there are changes in legislation.