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People often say to me that I have a special charisma. A young woman with charms you haven't seen before, I am really someone who likes to discover new things, seek excitement and broaden my horizons. So I see myself as an open-minded woman and am always very curious as to why people have certain desires and or needs. In groups you will not find me in the foreground. I am that woman who watches, observes and learns. But don't be afraid I let myself be heard when needed and the opportunity arises. I have my heart on my sleeve and with me, what you see is what you get. I try to live my life as healthily as possible. Sports and exercise are my passion and my life. This is where I get my energy and joie de vivre from, at the same time it is an outlet for me. I prefer to discover the world in different ways. Hiking, biking, snowshoeing, skiing, mountain biking etc. As long as I'm traveling everything is good..... Will you take me on a journey into your wonderland?

What I find attractive in a man is someone who blows me away with his charms but especially a man who is very dominant. Someone who pushes me against the wall, seductively pulls my hair on the dance floor or between the sheets or pushes my legs roughly apart when we have driven each other crazy after a wonderful evening playing together. Despite I might protest in the beginning (I am switch) I will let myself be conquered.... I also really enjoy watching and am a delicious voyeur, this in a swingers club setting is what you surprise me with. 

-X Ruby

Ruby is one of our newest acquisitions. Her photos are available upon request.

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Ruby is one of our newest ladies we have welcomed with open arms. The Girl Next Door? Quess again! At first glance Ruby looks like a quiet woman who likes to be in the background but when she gets comfortable with you a world opens up for you. She takes you to your deepest desires and loves to be dominated by you. A man who has character and knows what he wants. that is what Ruby finds attractive. She is a real adventurer and loves to go on adventures with you. No trip is too crazy for her and no country too far for her.... because what her motto is, "I've never done it before, so I guess I can do it". She has a beautiful body that she cares for every day with all her heart and soul. Sports are her passion and she loves to do them. Her temple, that's how she describes her body. Her blonde locks and beautiful expressive eyes will amaze. She is not necessarily a glamour girl but that is also not what you are looking for when you meet Ruby white. She is playful, classy, sexy and extremely open-minded. Having a spontaneous party? Ruby is happy to be your +1! 

Character traits

Seductive, Direct, Honest, Adventurous, Loyal, Curious


Education: HBO

Profession: financial manager

Smoker: No

Languages: Dutch & English 


  • Sports
  • Travel
  • Read
  • Discovering New Things & Enjoying


Drinks: Wine, Special beers

Fragrance: Hugo Boss The Scent

Lingerie: Honey Birdette, Bordelle

Cuisine: French, Mexican, Italian 

Sexual orientation: Bi

Clothing Style: Feminine, Sporty, Sensual

Wish list

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  • Travel
  • Exclusive parties
  • Jewelry (silver/white gold)

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A special lady with a beautiful athletic body, a natural beauty and confident. Truly a woman you will never get enough of. Would you like to experience an evening and adventure with her? Book Ruby via the button below.