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Jean Pierre

How do I describe myself? That you may discover together with me.... How others describe me? Women will say that I am a very active, charming and charismatic man with style. I put you completely in the center of attention, I am an excellent interlocutor and an experienced seducer. I have a very positive attitude and a beautiful and infectious smile. In me you will find excellent company for any occasion! When we are together I want to take the time to get to know you and make a real connection. Talking about what drives you and what connects us. My life experience makes sure I can give you what you need.... May I meet you? See you soon... 

-x Jean Pierre

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Jean Pierre is our eye-catcher , Mister Grey & Sweet caring man in 1 ... He has great empathy and is a real gentleman. He can't stand a tense atmosphere and prefers everything to be in good harmony. He is not only sexy and sultry but he is also warm, sweet and caring. With our Mister Grey, no subject is too crazy or uncomfortable. He will quickly make you feel familiar. When you walk into a restaurant or the bedroom, Jean Pierre is the man who will hold the door open for you, pull up the chair for you and really "woo" you. He is incredibly charismatic. His eyes reveal his soul, playful, charismatic and charming. Look deep into his eyes and you are sold! We sometimes call him Richard Gere and this is quite an honor he himself thinks. 

Jean Pierre functions flawlessly in any situation. A romantic & chic dinner at a Michelin starred restaurant, a drink at the bar or a nice Sunday afternoon walk on the beach, he will provide the appropriate out-fit and will adapt to the occasion. His wide range of knowledge and interest ensures that he will come along in any company. Jean Pierre will also be able to engage in any current topic. He is a true fashionable gentleman with savvy. He has traveled extensively and has seen many countries. Can he take you on a journey? Your journey together with him... 

Character traits

Enterprising, Adventurous, Charming, Social.


Education: University

Profession: Entrepreneur

Smoker: No

Languages: Dutch, English, German, Italian & Spanish.


  • Human Physique 
  • The psyche of man
  • Gastronomi
  • Sport
  • Nature


Drinks: Good wines

Fragrance: Hermes, Dior, Chanel

Cuisine: Italian, Japanese.

Sexual orientation: Heterosexual.

Clothing style:Business casual, Classy, Business Classic. 

Wish list

Would you like to surprise Jean Pierre? You can do so with:

  • Watch Breitling 
  • Perfume: Hermes, Dior, Chanel
  • Sunglasses, RAY-BAN. 

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