Couple experience with an escort

Couple experience with an escort

A lot of couples sometimes fantasize about a couples experience with an escort. Whether it is a man there or a woman, in fantasy anything is possible. But what if that fantasy turns into desire and you as a couple want to take the step toward making that one long-cherished fantasy come true?

Where do you start?

A successful couple experience with an escort hinges on communication. Talk to each other. Express your individual expectations, desires and fears. Give your partner time to think about whether he or she really wants this. Where is your boundary? It is important to have these conversations in advance. That way you avoid uncomfortable moments during and after the couple experience.  

The decision was made.

You have decided to make your fantasy come true. Now what? How do you get the third person? Of course, you can walk into a pub and find out if that one nice man or woman is up for an exciting evening with you and your partner. You can also search on dating apps for the right match. But, realize that he or she is stepping into your fantasy with his or her own best interests at heart. It won't be completely about you then.

You can ask your open-minded friend if she would like a fun evening. Dinner, drinks, and then end up in the bedroom. That sounds like a plan. The downside to that, however, is that jealous feelings may surface that you didn't expect beforehand. You are intimate with each other in a different way than within friendship. That can stir up unfamiliar feelings that you are not expecting.

The safest way is to book an escort. Someone who will be part of your fantasy for a brief moment and then disappear again. So a couple experience with an escort.

Why Exquisite International?

The moment you choose a high class escort from Exquisite International we are sure you will have a successful evening. An evening that meets your wildest dreams.

We realize that hiring an escort is extremely exciting. That is why we feel it is important to take the time to discuss your wishes with you in advance.

What is the clothing preference? Is it a fantasy in which there is a role to be played? Does your partner want to just watch or actively participate as well?

After we receive as much information from you as possible, we will search for the right match and bring you one step closer to your fantasy.

Exquisite International escorts are experienced with couples. They are sexy, seductive and beautiful. They have great empathy and will always make sure you are comfortable throughout the evening. Our escorts work discreetly and never pose a threat to your relationship.

Good to know

Our high class escort girls are bisexual or bi-curious and our gigolos are heterosexual.

We recommend a couple to book a date of at least three hours so that you have time to get to know each other. The escort will meet you in the hotel bar for a drink. This is followed by an unforgettable night that you will remember for months to come. Of course, receiving at a home location is also possible by arrangement.

Applying to be an Exquisite High Class Escort

Are you sexy, sensual, adventurous and up and coming woman? Do you enjoy when others enjoy? Do you secretly wonder if working as a high class escort suits you? Then read this: Working as a High Class Escort in this blog we explain or apply directly. 

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