Girlfriend Experience with a High Class Escort

A friend, for an evening, a week, or just to meet sporadically. Our Girlfriend Experience is the ultimate way to enjoy intensely and intimately with one of our High Class Escorts. The girlfriend experience, short for GFE, is enjoying from and with another person. Long kisses, caressing and cuddling each other, romantic dinners and sensual sex. A unique experience with a High Class Escort of Exquisite International.

The ideal couple with a High Class Escort as Girlfriend

A beautiful, Exquisite, emotionally strong and intelligent woman. Exquisite escorts, with their beautiful appearance and company, are the ideal girlfriend. Do you want to get to know her better over dinner? Will it remain at that, or do you also want to discover passion and intimacy with her? Your High Class Escort is yours for now.

Not being able to keep away from each other, enjoying each other's presence. The sensual look of her when she looks at you and smiles seductively. A lady you are proud to walk beside when you stroll through the streets of a city of your choice. The ideal interlocutor when you join a business dinner or a beautiful lady next to you in a starred restaurant. And last but not least, the lady who colours within the lines when you are in public... But when the bedroom doors open, she is the woman who makes all your wishes come true.

The Girlfriend Experience: mutual pleasure for you and your High Class Escort

Creating a truly intimate connection is what our highly trained exceptional High Class Escorts do. You will never feel that your lady is providing a paid service. As in any relationship, it is important that both you and our High Class Escort enjoy the date intensely. Building an emotional bond is in the GFE at least as important as the intimate bond you build with each other. Personal contact and sincere connection are the keywords for a successful GFE experience.

The perfect GFE for you

At Exquisite International, a Girlfriend Experience includes everything.
All the ingredients for a successful date with a lady of your dreams are a matter of course with us. A nice conversation, equal intelligence, getting to know each other and flirting with each other. Building up the tension to get into the right and higher spheres. Exquisite International offers her clients a warm bath, like all our High Class Escorts experience. This warm and personal touch can be found in all our ladies, but of course they offer more than that. Our High Class Escorts are masterful seducers and will know how to spoil you in every possible way.

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Almost all our ladies are specialised in offering the ultimate and especially exclusive Girlfriend Experience. Which lady suits you specifically, we will determine together with you after an intake interview. Together with you, we want to make the perfect match with the High Class Escort of your desire. All our ladies are desirable and exclusive, with whom will you discover the perfect date?

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