Exquisite International and its International Escort

International Escort.

An international escort, your booking/date with one of our Exquiste escorts.

Business trip, dream vacation or city break, our High Class escorts are happy to travel with you!

A destination of your choice where we always take into account positive travel recommendations. A beautiful pearly white beach, looking out over romantic Paris from the Eiffel Tower, an exclusive yacht in the middle of the ocean. No destination is too crazy for you and your escort.

International Escort.

Exquisite International is happy to arrange your trip from a to z with your International Escort.

For us, it is a valuable addition that we are happy to offer you as a client. With our own travel experiences and facilitation role, we can set up your international booking effortlessly!

The cost of the trip itself, the duration of the trip, and the overnight stays are all part of the booking with your Escort. There is no charge for setting up your International trip by Exquisite International.

A well-deserved vacation with your High Class Escort lady.

Just de-stress, relax and experience your well-deserved vacation with one of our High Class, International Escorts full of passion and pleasure.

As a hardworking busy businessman or woman, you deserve to enjoy a dream vacation. Whether or not with just a wonderful woman by your side spending a wonderful time just the two of you or perhaps a trip with like-minded people where one of our international escort girls accompanies you.

Exquisite International is happy to think about how you would like to design your trip. We have proven our knowledge and expertise countless times in previous organized bookings and would love to organize this for you as well.

For example, consider a week on the Amalfi Coast in beautiful Italy with a beautiful international escort lady by your side. Enjoy all the beauty Italy has to offer.

Or a luxury private villa in the Seychelles. Carefree enjoyment of the breathtaking beaches, clear blue waters and your beautiful international escort. Or nights of partying with your High Class escort girl on the magical island of Ibiza. Dancing until the sun comes up, enjoying each other and the wonderful vibe that prevails on this island during the day and hitting the clubs together in the evening. We arrange everything for you and your party!

A business trip with your International Escort.

Traveling is what you love to do and it's what you love to do the most. But the days are long, stressful and demand a lot of your time. When you enter your hotel room in the evening, a beautiful lady is waiting to accompany you during the sultry evening hours. Relaxing together in the hotel room or dining by candlelight in a beautiful restaurant.

A business dinner with an important client? Our ladies are all articulate, discreet, intelligent and knowledgeable. They are always up to date with what is going on in the world and are therefore able to mingle excellently in any company!

Are you traveling from abroad to a place in the Netherlands? Or are you traveling from the Netherlands to a destination where you need to go for important business? Is it for one night or several days? Our High Class Escort girls are more than happy to accompany you! Ask for the availability of your lady of choice.

Adventure or romance during a city break with your High Class Escort lady

Fascinating Naples, Elegant Dubrovnik or Lively Berlin.

There's nothing more fun than spending time with your High Class International Escort soaking up culture, getting to know the city and getting lost in all the beauty your destination has to offer. With an International Escort of your choice by your side, nothing stands in the way of having a fantastic time.

Waking up together in the morning after a sultry erotic night, breakfast in bed in your luxury suite and then discovering once again what else this city has to offer you.

This journey cannot last long enough.....

Do's & Dont's during your International Booking.


Please keep in mind that our High Class Escorts all have busy schedules just like you. Some are self-employed and others are studying. Therefore it is important that

A Booking Request for an International Escort Booking within Europe must be requested at least 24 hours in advance. For an International Booking outside of Europe, the Booking Request must be requested at least 48 hours in advance.

The minimum booking time for a booking within Europe depends on the location and the mode of travel. For most European cities, the minimum booking duration is 8 to 12 hours. If there is no possibility for the lady to travel back the same day, the lady must also be booked for the night.

For destinations outside Europe, a minimum booking time of 24 to 48 hours is required.

Destination of your International Booking:

Upon receipt of the Booking Request for an International Escort Booking, Exquisite International will evaluate the travel destination based on generally applicable positive travel advice, the safety of the destination, experiences with the destination. Read more about this in our Terms and Conditions.

The means of transportation of an International Escort will be paid on a case-by-case basis and by mutual agreement.

Preparation International Escort Booking:

Above all, let us know what your plans are during your trip. This is so that Exquisite International and your High Class Escort lady can then best prepare for what is to come.

Consider preferences when it comes to clothing, activities during your trip or other preparations that need to be made.


A deposit of 40% of the total travel and accommodation costs including mediation fee is required for each International Booking. This deposit can only be paid by bank. For new clients, an additional screening takes place for the safety of our High Class Escort girls.

Once the amount in received Exquisite International will begin booking, booking and scheduling your International Escort Booking if desired.

Travel & Times:

For International Bookings with a minimum travel time of 4 hours or less counting from Amsterdam and with a passenger car, your High Class escort Lady may travel by car or train, unless travel by air is more economical and convenient for the planned destination. For destinations with a minimum travel time of 4 hours or more, the Escort Lady will travel by airplane only. Up to 8 hours of flight time, the Escort Lady can fly Economy Class. For destinations of a flight time of 8 hours or more, the Lady will always travel Business or First Class. Flights are always booked, if possible, without stopovers.

You must ensure during an International Booking that the Lady:

  • Can be reached at any time for Exquisite
  • Consume a minimum of 3 meals per day at your expense
  • Contact Exquisite by telephone at least once a day for which privacy and opportunity are provided;
  • For an International Booking with a duration of 24 hours or more, have a minimum of two hours per day free to fill in at their own discretion, for which privacy and opportunity will be provided.
  • For an International Booking with a duration of 24 hours or more, have at least five to six hours per day of opportunity to sleep.

You can read more about this in our General Terms and Conditions.


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