7x dating with your High Class Escort in Amsterdam

A date with your High Class Escort in Amsterdam offers many options to enjoy a day together in our capital city, including all the luxury that you and your High Class Escort in Amsterdam need. Would you like to enjoy a haute-cuisine restaurant or do you prefer the exclusive Harbour Club? Do you like to spend your time in a five star hotel?

We give you 7 ideas to have a great time together in the heart of Amsterdam. A date with a High Class Escort is much more than intimacy. It is also about the experience, intimacy, togetherness and connection. And where is that better than at these atmospheric, sensual locations?

The Duchess

In the centre of Amsterdam you will find this beautiful haute-cuisine restaurant, The Duchess, where you can have lunch, dinner or just a drink. Private dining is also one of the possibilities. Immerse yourself in luxury and take the time to make a nice day of it. This restaurant has a lot of history and that is exactly what the building radiates.

Whether it's history or not, it's all about you. During this evening out, you will have every opportunity to get to know each other better: a nice warm-up for the evening.

Cr: The Duchess

Le garage

Evening out with your High Class Escort? Then reserve a spot at Le Garage, Amsterdam. In this restaurant you sit on the same benches where several celebrities have sat. Count on it that this is just a little bit different than your average restaurant.
The luxurious look and decor invite you to enjoy a glass of champagne. Are those bubbles the perfect timing to express desires

Jaap Beyleveld for Le Garage

Lion Noir

Right in the center of Amsterdam you'll find another gem: Lion Noir. The restaurant has a mysterious, artsy look and is a hit if you and your lady love French food, including oysters.
Together with your company, you will enjoy the culinary surprises. On balmy summer evenings, the terrace in the courtyard garden makes a perfect end to the evening. At least, in the restaurant. The rest of the evening is still young.

Cr: Lion Noir

Harbour Club

With your High Escort Date, are you looking for delicious food, tasty drinks, as well as entertainment? Then visit one of the two Harbour Clubsin Amsterdam. Enjoy various arrangements, live music or even comedy and start the evening in a relaxed way.
For a romantic dinner by the water, Harbour Club Amsterdam Oost is the place to be. You are guaranteed not to come up short here. As will you, as you continue the evening.

Cr: Harbour Club


A date at Okura is everything in one: a luxury hotel, culinary delights with a dinner with no less than three stars and a wellness. This five-star hotel has everything you need for an unforgettable day. All ingredients are present for a perfect date with your High Class Escort in Amsterdam.
So: do you really love luxury? Then all you have to do is make a reservation for two people. The rest will follow automatically...

Cr: Okura

Hotel Prinsenhof

The Conservatory Hotel also has a whopping five stars. From wellness to nights out and from dinner to various packages. This hotel has everything you need for a unique experience together.
Do you really want to make the most of the evening? Was the wellness visit just a warm-up for the evening? Book one of the luxury suites to end the day with your escort in Amsterdam in style.

Cr: Conservatorium Hotel

Hotel TwentySeven

Hotel TwentySeven is located on Dam Square in Amsterdam. An ideal base to explore Amsterdam together first, after which you will enjoy this luxurious, characteristic five-star hotel together. With this high end date you will surprise yourself and your High Class Escort.
Feel like building up the tension and ending the evening in a jacuzzi together? It's all possible.

Cr: Hotel TwentySeven

Hotel TwentySeven is much more than just a hotel, just as your day with a High Class Escort is much more than being intimate.

Discover with your High Class Escort in Amsterdam (each other)

A date in Amsterdam offers plenty of opportunities to pamper yourself with and by your High Class Escort. Luxury, culinary surprises and undisturbed enjoyment are the perfect components of a long-awaited night out. Seduction, intimate conversations but also a personal connection will ensure a great date with your High Class Escort in Amsterdam.

And who knows how - and where - the evening will end, of course.

A night to remember.

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